Where there’s food, there’s happiness

Good food is good mood. And good mood means good vibes! That’s why, we at the Lil Flea, take our food seriously. This anniversary edition , we have curated a plethora of pop up food stalls, offering something to suit everyone’s palate. With local, regional and global cuisines- you’ll be able to eat your way around the world at The Lil Flea. 

The Ultimate Foodie

If you’ve got an unapologetically large appetite and love them extra cheesy fries on the side, treat yourself to the best burgers in town that are juicy, crunchy and spicy.

Where: The Burgery

The Burgery

There’s also plenty for our veggie friends. Veg burger sliders is going to be a hit!

Where: Brgr HQ 

The Meat Lover

Want to go all out with ‘em meats? There’s perfectly cooked Smoked Mutton Haleem and authentic Chicken Baida roti amongst the other flavoursome Bohri dishes that you cannot miss trying. 

Where: The Big Spread   


One more on the regional cuisine front is Mumbai’s ever-so-popular Persian food; devour freshly made berry pulav and mutton chops.

Where: Scherazade

The Experimental Foodie

If you’re always on the lookout for something new, try Bhakti Mehta’s oriental meet mexican cuisine. Baos and crispy tacos. Together. Like the Korean Taco. How does that sound?

Where: Taco Bao

Taco Bao

You can even experiment with your Dosa at The Lil Flea. Crab-filled crispy dosa, for example. Can’t picture it? Come try it. 

Where: Gunpowder

The Muncher

If you can’t choose between shopping and eating, don’t eat. Munch. We have the most popular festival food of all times, Potato Swirls. Pick a stick and carry on.

Where: The Stick House

Need more options for on-the-go food? Try a pita pav, magalorean pav, goan pav and many more. Easy to carry, delicious to taste. Munch. Shop. Munch. Repeat.

Where: Pack-a-pav

The Sweet Tooth

Dilan’s Delight offers authentic Turkish cuisine to best appeal to your taste buds. And this time at The Lil Flea, Dlian is especially getting their beloved confectionary-Turkish Delight, packed with almonds, dates and hazelnuts, all the way from Turkey.

Where: Dilan’s Delight

Dilan's Delight

And if you’re in the mood for some desi delicacies, indulge in authentic Indian Firni served in tiny mud bowls.

Where: Shabbir’s Tawakkal Sweets

For a sweet escape from the summer heat, there’s always ice cream; available in refreshing flavours like lemon-grass, coconut and mosambi almond.

Where: Bina’s home-made ice-cream

Bina's option

You can’t say no to good-looking popsicles. Succulent and quench-thirsting, this one too is a summer savior.

Where: Frugurpop Popsicles

Combining the power of West Coast bakeries with the smoothness of Indian Desserts, delve into a spread of fruity, chocolaty and nutty desserts.

Where: Brown Salt

Brownsalt option

The Health Freak

Not your cheat day? Not a problem. Try a super healthy salad, wrap or sandwich, while sipping on a glass of exotic smoothie or fresh fruit juice. 

Where: Salad Bar

You can even gobble down some healthy Japanese food without guilt! Pick up fresh seafood sushi rolls, while your calories are in check.

Where: Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat

Come explore many more pop-up food stalls at The Lil Flea. Remember, it’s not just a food festival, but the happiest one. Block your calendars, bring your friends, and save your appetite.

Where: JioGarden, BKC

When: April 1&2 + April 8&9

Timings: 3pm to Midnight

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