Get your dose of indie music at The Lil Flea!

The indie music scene in Mumbai has been on a rise and what better place than The Lil Flea stage is to watch some amazing artist come together and perform. The Lil Flea anniversary edition is brining together 12 live bands from all across the country.

Here’s a preview of our lineup so you can hit play, check out the artists and plan your weekend accordingly.

Saturday Tunes (April 1st)

Kimochi Youkai- All about ‘em good vibes

Kimochi Youkai means feel good demons. Staying true to the name of the band, these folks know how make you feel good with every tune they play. Super young, but super talented, this five member band from Mumbai is sure to spread some good vibes at The Lil Flea. Come sing along.

kimochi youkai (1)

The Fanculos- Groovy times ahead

Like a little bit of weekend grooving then don’t miss out on The Fanculos a SKA/reggae music band. JJ (drums), Saurab Suman (bass), Ryan Sadri (tenor sax), Vinay Lobo (guitars, backing vocals) and Ramon Ibrahim (vocals, keys, trombone) are a bunch of fun people who got together and are set to create their own lil party on the stage. We bet you cant stop grooving.


The Lightyears Explode-Punk Pop experiments 

When three self-taught artists come together to form a band, you can’t expect the usual! If you’re on the lookout for some off-beat punk pop, these guys are sure to make it to your playlist.

The Lightyears Explode

Sunday Tunes (April 1st)

Kabir Café- Indie-folk tunes for the soul

The Ever-popular, most liked and one of the most favourite of the regulars at The Lil Flea, Kabir Café is obviously a part of the 3rd anniversary edition.

Performing the verses of the poet Kabir with a Carnatic flavour, their music is folksy yet fun. If you’ve been listening to lyrics that make you cringe, Kabir Café will be a refreshing change.

Kabir cafe1

Thaalavattam- Organic tunes for a cause

Thaalavattam, travelling all the way from Bangalore , are ready to create beautiful sounds using very innovative instruments made from waste plastic and metal.

No, they’re not just doing this for fun. By doing this they aim to clean up the plastic waste that is plaguing India. Swing by to show some love and support to this utterly creative bunch!

Thaalavattam montry 2

Clayton + All Stars: The full-power Jam

One’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party. Well, well, we have 7 artists from different bands coming together to jam for us on The Lil Flea stage. Now, that’s a party! Catch Sid Couto, Nathan Thomas, Karan Joseph, Bradley Tellis, Rohan Mazumdar & Ankur Tewari at The Lil Flea as they jam it out together with Clayton Hogermeer. This one is going to be don’t miss out on this one!

All Stars Jam

And of course we have another mad weekend coming in right after this one and that ones going to be crazy too because we have Tejas Menon, Zoya, Prem Joshua, Krishna Marathe, Swarathma and All Jazz Jam joining us on the 9th & 10th of April.

Whether you want to simply unwind with your buds, come see your favourite artists perform live or explore music to upgrade your playlist, The Lil Flea invites all who are ready to chill out to some happy tunes this weekend and the weekend after.

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