The Lil Flea will give you serious weekend goals.

Good music, good food and good company! The Lil Flea’s 3rd anniversary edition was all about the good vibe. If you missed it, no sweat, ‘cause the best has been saved for the last. Here’s a quick look into what you missed and what you can expect in the coming weekend of April 8 & 9, 2017.

Happiness is… watching a movie under the stars

Silent movie nights under the stars was a massive hit.  Roman Holiday or As Good as it gets, the audience was engrossed in cinema like never-before. In the coming weekend, we’re screeningAcademy Award–winning Bicycle Thieves on April 8th and the all time classic Amelie on April 9th from 10pm to midnight. Here’s a chance to ask your bae out for something different.

Movie picture

Happiness is… reading a book on the lawn.

Last week, avid readers were spotted reading their newly exchanged books while sprawling on the grass. Over 150 books were exchanged at The Book Exchange and now our little book shelf has a whole new collection.  With coffee in one hand and a book in another, you can slip into your own world at The Lil Flea with no one interrupting. 


Happiness is… live music in the outdoors.

Kabir Café was back and the cheers were three times louder. The audience sang along as Sid Couto, Nathan Thomas, Karan Joseph, Ankur Tewari and others jammed it out together with Clayton Hogermeer. Up next, we have Tejas Menon, Krishna Marathe, Zoya, All Jazz Jam, Swarathma and Prem Joshua and Band. From acoustic pop to jazz, we’re expanding the genres in our next line up.

Prem Joshua

Happiness is…a cold drink on a hot day.

For the first time, you can grab a drink or two at The Lil Flea. Co-curated by Bar Czar and us, Stage Left attracted all the head bobbers and tired shoppers. Your favourite bars in one place? Check. Happy high at the happiest festival? Check. 


Happiness is…food. Lots of it.

With over 60 pop up food stalls, the food area was unsurprisingly the most popular hangout spot. Cuisines varying from Japanese sushis from Tokyo Treat to Bohri mutton haleems from The Big Spread and lip smacking chole kulche from Punjab da Chulha. Adding to that, freshly churned fruity noodle ice-creams by Happiness and miniature doughnuts from Po. The master chefs are going to back with all of this and more in the second weekend.


Happiness is… shopping till you drop

From exquisite dream catchers by Soul Works to hemp-based clothing by Boheco and books by Open Hue that open up into lamps, every pop store brings with it something unique. Kalimba instruments by Zenzula and handcrafted tree branches made into artsy walking sticks by Bheemstyx, this list could go on. Swing by and you’ll know what we’re talking about!


Happiness is… seeing your kids happy

And if you have kids at home, bring them along. The Lil Flea has organized enough to keep the little ones engaged. Pottery, block printing workshops, balloon modeling and even a trampoline for the restless ones.


Happiness is… a trip to The Lil Flea

On an ending note, here’s a big shout out to all those who made it and! And for those who couldn’t here’s your chance to come make some happy memories at the happiest edition of The Lil Flea.

When: April 8 & 9, 2017

Where: JioGarden, BKC

Time: 3 pm to midnight

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