15 BRANDS to watch out for at The Lil Flea Delhi, this SUNDAY

As the Lil Flea takes place this Sunday at JLN Stadium, Delhi, we are proud to announce that almost 150 hand-picked & homegrown brands will be there to give you some serious shopping goals. What’s more, almost half of them are from all across the country. Each brand brings with it something special and we assure you that you don’t want to miss them. Shop till you drop or simply show some love to these home-grown brands.

Here’s an exclusive look into some of the brands you can catch at The Lil Flea:

Blur Designs:

Super edgy fashion accessories for the bold ones.

blur designs

This one’s for those with a penchant for individualist style. Over sized metal frames, neon boots, wooden jewelry – you’ll find everything that will help upgrade your run-of-the-mill street style.


Soul Works:

Stunning dream-catchers and other home-décor for positive vibes.  

soul works

Add a little boho to any space with their delicate range of dreamcatchers. For those who are vegan, they even offer non-feather dreamcatchers made out lace. What’s more? You can find them in the form of ear-rings and can customize them as per preference.


Swarang Designs:

Rediscovering forgotten arts through contemporary bags and accessories

swarang designs

This label pays a tribute to art by incorporating traditional art forms such as Madhubani in modern apparel and accessories. Hand-crafted by artisans, each piece of work is not only exquisite but has a story to tell.



Quirky prints & pop culture artwork in the form of wall/home décor.


If you’ve been thinking of personalizing you space, We Chitrat is your go to store.  From Amelie to Asha Bhosle, their collection of artwork is impressive when it comes to both quality and range.


Nehal Desai:

Unique home textiles and natural hand-woven apparel.  

nehal desai

Fall in love with understated fashion all over again with their hand woven and hand illustrated womenswear in rich fabrics like khadi and ajrakh.  Also, look out for the equally elegant home-textiles.



Pretty little doodled accessories handcrafted with love.


Stop taking fashion so seriously.  Doodles on hemp, experiments with jute; Dipti stiches up accessories that are truly one-of-a-kind and makes you want to take it easy.


Good Stuff:

Art-inspired apparel for the psychedelic lover.

good stuff

Trippy clothes for the not so hippie folks- ditch the clichéd hippie wear with their denims, dresses and shirts that have super cool psy-art on them.


Desi Hangover:

Artistic hand-crafted footwear that takes you back to your roots.

desi hangover

Pick up a pair of leather footwear in classic hues that blend together trendy, classy and traditional. Add to that, they’re ethically sourced and hand-woven.


The Linen Way:

Modern-day apparel that is organic, refreshing and understated.

the linen way

Switch to luxury-wear that is easy-breezy and effortless. The Linen Way is all about organic fibers, sophisticated cuts and subdued colors for the urban woman.


Dhaaga Handcrafts:

Vibrant, funky bags and accessories: we’re talking jute, tassels, pompoms and more.

dhaaga handcrafts

Take home a pretty little jute goodie in pastel colours like mint or fuchsia. Adorned with shells, tassels or pompoms, each piece is a treat to the eye.


Chatur Chidiya:

Handicrafts meets design skills meets innocent materials.

chatur chidiya

When the art of handicraft is merged with design skills .. magic happens! Chatur Chidiya brings you diaries, pouches, pencil tops, fridge magnets, book marks and much much more .. all handmade with ceramics, bamboo, paper or cloth


Heads Up For Tails:

India’s exclusive luxury brand for ‘pawsh’ and fun doggie couture

heads up for tails

Heads Up For Tails, India’s exclusive brand for pet products. Their products range from comfy and customized dog beds, chic collars and leashes, fashionable dog apparel, to an awesome range of accessories for pets and pet lovers!



Designer luxury Juttis & handmade leather shoes handcrafted in Jaipur 


Zarsa believes that shoes are extension of personality and are means of expressions. Inspired by the rich heritage and culture of Medieval Asia, Zarsá brings the traditional craftsmanship to the world with a fresh style and contemporary touch. They recreate and reinvent juttis as they go! 


Sewing New Futures:

sewing new futures

SNF provides economic empowerment to trafficked women & education to their children by making high quality ethical products ranging from accessories to home décor. Shop with a cause with SNF! 



High quality, completely customised jewellery.


Mirakin is a 3D Printed Designer jewellery store. They even provide you with the ability to customize jewellery the way you want, including shape, texture, metal or even engravings


The Lil Flea Delhi

Where: Nehru Stadium, Gate #14
When: 24th September, SUNDAY
Timings : 11AM-11PM
Book Now On Insider – bit.ly/InsiderLilFleaDelhi

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