Live music to catch at The Lil Flea Delhi Edition, this weekend.

Here’s a shout-out to our Delhi homeboys and home-girls who need their occasional dope of live music. Indie artists across genres are joining us to amp up the happiness quotient at The Lil Flea with instant good vibes. What to look forward to?

Psychedelic jazz-punk (Day 1)
Jazz with a twist; The Jass B’stards will be joining us at The Lil Flea to set the mood and get you to groove. The trio, Stefan Kaye (vocals), Nikhil Vasudevan (drums) and Tony Guinard (bass guitar), the same folks who are part of bands Ska Vengers and Emperor Minge, use the essence of Jazz with a Latin twist to create music that is completely unique. At their live gig, you can watch out for originals such as Yellow Rose of Kentucky and impromptu instrumental sets.

the jass B'stards

Also joining us on Day 1: Kamakshi Khanna Collective

Soulful Acoustics (Day 2)
We are thrilled to announce that Prateek Kuhad is making a stop at The Lil Flea before he makes his way to Magnetic Fields. He stands out with his exceptional vocal style and
simplistic lyrics and has gained popularity with songs like ‘Tune Kaha’ and ‘Be At Ease’. His feel-good compositions perfectly complement The Lil Flea vibe. Melodic, soulful, simple; if you haven’t heard him perform live before – you do not want to miss this. And for all you Prateek Kuhad fans, we’re counting you in already!

Prateek Kuhad 2 (shot by Parizad D 2017)

Also joining us on Day 2: Tejas Menons, Chayan & Smiti

West African drum-beats (Day 3)
Taking up the energy several notches higher, Boombay Djembe Folas is here introduce you to West African rhythms and beats you’ve probably not heard before. Using exquisite instruments like the Djembes and Balafon, this 5-member band creates music that is unique and refreshing and is surely making it to your playlist if you’re looking for something different. Fun fact: they were, in fact, the first ones to bring in this genre in India!

boombay djembe image.jpg

Anand Bhagat on djembe, balafon and vocals
Tejas Parekh on dununs and sangbang
Prathamesh Kandalkar on djembe and vocals
Tre Munroe on kenkeni, and vocals
Neil Gomes on the guitar, violin and vocals

Also joining us on Day 3: Krishna Marathe & Filter Coffee Feat. Bundu Khan,

As we turn up the good vibes, one gig at a time, come watch your favorite artists play or
discover a new favourite. The internet may have made it easy to explore indie artists, but
neither Spotify nor Apple Music can replace a live music experience. Sing along, dance it out or simply soak in the good energy.

The Lil Flea Delhi

JLN Stadium, enter from Gate Number 14

22nd September – 24th September 2017, 3pm – 10pm

Tickets available on & At the venue

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