Forget mainstream music Delhi! The Lil Flea is bringing you amazing indie bands to add to your playlist!


At a time when recycled remixes are all that blast everywhere, here’s to a break from the mainstream for the music lover in you

We, The Lil Flea are bringing you some amazing indie artists, with fresh sounds and an even fresher perspective towards music! While we can’t guarantee about music making the world a better place what we can tell you though is that the music at The Lil Flea will sure make your playlist a better one!

So come to JLN Stadium, this weekend, from 1st Feb to 3rd Feb! And discover And groove to And sing along with these super awesome play-on-loop artists from Mumbai & your very own Delhi.

Clayton Hogermeer and Aria

clayton _ aria

One of the best things about Clayton Hogermeer is that his lyrics do not succumb to the general demand of popular trends, but something that he truly believes in. A charismatic artist from Mumbai who believes in the essence of humanity, his organic lyrics truly resonates his soul. Aria Nanji makes even plain words sound like poetry with her beautiful voice. Together as a duo, theirs is a set you shouldn’t be missing out on!

On a side note, both of these were solo artists till they first met at the first edition of The Lil Flea at Mumbai. And from there they became a band & more!

Nikhil D’Souza

Nikhil Dsouza.jpg

This Mumbai based musician crossed over from Indie music to Bollywood with songs like Shaam bhi kohi from Aisha and Jannatein Kahan from Jannat. Ever since then, all his songs have been a major hit. Nikhil D’souza, is known to get the crowd grooving with his unforgettable tunes and music. You’ll definitely will be one of them too.

Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe

Neeraj Arya_ Kabir Cafe.jpg

From Mumbai too, this is a band that has successfully fused the mystic saint, Kabir’s age-old philosophy with a modern outlook. Their act will take you on a musical journey that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Catch the Sufi rock band and get introduced to Kabir in a way like never before. We guarantee you will find yourself humming some of their numbers even after the flea

Kamakshi Khanna


Her sound is the amalgamation of the old and new, transcending age, class and mass to appeal to everyone alike. From beautiful, hummable melodies to meaningful and relatable lyrics, she will leave you impressed with her original songs and soul stirring voice.

Tejas Menon

tejas 2.jpg

Mumbai’s firm favourite, Tejas’ smooth voice mixed with his boyish charm is a sure shot winning combo. His melodies stay with you long after the act and you can find yourself humming bits and pieces through the day. If there’s one artist that’s not your playlist till now and should be, it’s Tejas!

Sid Coutto

Sid Coutto.jpg

Another Indie music veteran from Mumbai, Sidd’s solo performances often involve live looping, with him beatboxing and layering multiple instruments and sounds, while creating songs live and on-the-spot based on audience generated topics and genre suggestions. Fun, upbeat and groovy is what Sid Coutto is and also what Delhi is this is a match made in music heavens, we think!

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

sanjeeta .jpg

Sanjeeta is a fine mix of classic and contemporary. She has been formally trained in Hindustani Classical music and Kathak and has also been trained in western music at Berklee College of Music. Her voice has a soothing lilt to it, perfect for balmy evenings after a fun day at The Lil Flea.

Boombay Djembe Folas

Boombay Djembe Folas2.jpg

An exciting and energetic band playing traditional rhythms & songs from Africa, Boombay Djembe Folas from Mumbai will drive your feet to groove with their upbeat rhythms! Bringing the best of good vibes and an unmatchable energy, this is an act that will leave you wanting for more!

Find all of these artists at The Lil Flea in Delhi this 1,2,3 Feb along with 250 homegrown brands to shop from and about 50 artisanal food and desserts to feast on!

The Lil Flea | Feb 1-3 | 11AM – 11PM | JLN Stadium (Gate # 14)

See you at #3daysofhappiness

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